I've had a lot of drum lessons over the years, most good, a couple that I didn't take much away from.  

What I believe is important is that the student is comfortable and enjoying it, learning something relevant to them as a musician and making progress.

My real area of expertise is being in a band, if that's something you aspire to then I can definitely help you with that.  Likewise if you just would like to learn to play for fun, want to learn a track or just need a fresh challenge on the kit, I have lived through all those phases.  

I respect there are a lot of drummers out there ready to take your hard earned cash, and I also know how it felt to not be learning the right things for me.  I'll never take your business for granted, if you practice and take my advice you will get better, and we'll have fun.  Drop me an email to talk about arranging something.